6 Important Tools for Iron Workers


The information for tools on iron working is very sparse. Visitors to this page will definitely find this information useful. Working with iron can be quite hazardous. In addition, some of the equipment used are quite dangerous. As a result, there is a need for one to take extreme caution when using this equipment. Do not attempt to skimp on any recommended safety measures that comes with the tools from the manufacturer. Failure to adhere to safety measures could lead to the loss of a digit or a limb.

Safety Goggles

6 Important Tools for Iron WorkersThe glasses used in ironwork should be of the right size. In addition, they should hug the face tightly, leaving no space. For instance, when one is involved ironwork, at one point or the other they may be require to use compressed air. This is used to clear tiny chips of metal. The tiny pieces of metal fly randomly in any direction. They could potentially fly into the spaces between safety glasses and the face puncturing an eye. A facemask should also be worn to cover the entire face from flying chips of metal.

Dial Caliper

6 Important Tools for Iron WorkersThis is one of the most important tools for any ironworker. It allows one to make precision measurements with a margin of error of less than a hundredth of an inch. This is the most accurate tool of measurement for an ironworker. In most cases, a simple rule will not be enough to meet all the precision requirements of iron working.

Metal Shears

6 Important Tools for Iron WorkersThese look like scissors, but are much sharper and may have an edge that is diamond tipped. Users of this piece of equipment need to be extra careful not to cut a finger. They are especially useful when one is working with sheets of iron. Typically, metal shears have a long handle and short blades. They can comfortably slice through sheets of between 23 and 16 gauge.

Drill Press

6 Important Tools for Iron WorkersThis is an important tool for ironworkers. Electrical drill presses have many advantages over hand-operated drill presses. The most important advantage is that they do not require as much effort to work with a piece of iron. As a result, one can achieve a higher degree of accuracy.

Angle Grinder

6 Important Tools for Iron WorkersThis equipment is used for polishing the surfaces of iron pieces. In addition, it can be used to cut iron into the desired shape. It is a very effective tool is shaping and polishing metal.

Thread Cutting Taps

6 Important Tools for Iron WorkersThese are used to create threads in a piece of iron that one is working on. They are essential for ensuring that fasteners hold pieces of iron together. They come in a variety of patterns, which all depend on personal taste. In order to make a good thread, one needs to align the holes perfectly with the tap. This can be easily achieved using a drill press.


Ironworking is a beautiful art that has developed for the last 5,000 years. As a result, various tools have been developed which makes it easy to produce a variety pieces. This can be done in almost any shape imaginable.

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